Liquid Glass Screen Protector For iPhone

Cover Your iPhone Screen for 12 Months!

Protect your iPhone from the inevitable with liquid glass technology. By far the most common damage to our phones is the screen. Amounting to almost 70% of all repairs. At some point, most iPhone screens will be exposed to enough impact to damage the glass. With screen repair costs increasing, insuring against drops is essential. The Liquid Tempered Glass combo give you full coverage for the most likely damage. If your screen was to break within one year of registering your iPhone. It will be replaced for free.

Price From: $39.99

Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Insurance For Mobile Phones & Tablets

The Liquid Glass Screen Protector is the latest technology in screen damage prevention for insurance. The solution is gently rubbed directly onto your phone screen and will bond with the glass to form a much tougher material. In addition to the liquid, the solution also comes with free tempered glass protection, up to 9 times harder than normal glass giving you additional impact protection.

1 Year Screen Damage Cover Included

That’s correct. We are so confident in the effectiveness of the liquid tempered glass that if, in the extremely unlikely event you were to damage your display. Fone Fix will replace it for free.

Liquid Glass InsuranceInsurance PriceInsurance Duration
iPhone 6/6 Plus / 6s /6s Plus
$39.991 Year
iPhone 7$89.991 Year
iPhone 7 Plus$109.991 Year
iPhone 8$149.991 Year
iPad Air / Air 2 / Mini / Mini 2$59.991 Year
iPhone XComing SoonNA
Samsung GalaxyComing SoonNA
Sony XperiaComing SoonNA


Liquid Glass Screen Protector For iPad

iPads are huge when compared with iPhones. The display has a large surface making them highly prone to damage. They are also a kids favourite. Children use them for watching programs, playing games and are a helpful distraction to keep them quiet. But chances of damage in the hands of an infant will obviously significantly increase. Tablets are used at schools, colleges, universities and within the workplace. They are carried around everywhere needed for variety of purposes. Liquid Glass will help to ensure that all the necessary damage prevention measures have been taken for any situation.

Price From $59.99

Liquid Glass Screen Protector For Samsung

Extreme Edge Protection

With most new Samsung’s, especially the Edge series. The sides of the phones are curved. A cool feature yes, but leaving the glass sides more exposed to impact. Samsung Screen repair services are also some of the most expensive so the Liquid Glass technology is an ideal solution to protect all Samsung devices against damage and expensive repairs.

 Coming Soon

Liquid Glass Screen Protector For Sony Xperia

The Sony models have flat large surface and probably the thinnest screen of any new phone models. The glass is very easy to break and once cracked, unlike other brands. The touch interactive feature usually stops working rendering the device useless. The Liquid Glass works perfectly with any Sony model and will ensure you have done everything possible to protect the screen.

Coming Soon

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If you just want the standard tempered glass protection, we have glass that covers almost every brand and model of phone or tablet. Or perhaps you want to check out another insurance option?

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