Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair Service Sydney

Samsung screen repairs are normally completed within 30 mins upon arrival. If your phone is scratched, shattered, cracked, distorted or no longer responds to your touch, we can replace the screen.  Our specialists are conveniently located in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction. Please select your model from the list for more information, repair pricing and turnaround times.

Sydney CBD: (02) 92612340
Bondi Junction: (02) 93861951

Other Samsung Models – Screen Repair Services

There are now many new models being released by Samsung. If your Galaxy device not the classic (S-Series). Please see the table below for more screen repair information.

Samsung Screen Repair – ModelsRepair PriceTurnaround Time
Galaxy A3$2204-6 Hours
Galaxy A5$2504-6 Hours
Galaxy A7$2804-6 Hours
Galaxy J1$1804-6 Hours
Galaxy J3$2204-6 Hours
Galaxy J5$1804-6 Hours
Galaxy J5 Prime$1704-6 Hours
Galaxy J5 Pro$2204-6 Hours

Having another issue?

If you don’t require your screen to be replaced, you can browser through our full range of repairs and services for all samsung models.

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  • Easier storage

    Technology eliminates the need for double or triple entry systems and reduces the need to file large amounts of paperwork. Now, contracts and customer information can be stored in virtual data warehouses and accessed in seconds from any mobile device.

  • Improving the sharing of information

    Technology allows information, whether written or broadcast, to be shared more quickly and with fewer resources. Marketing can be accomplished by placing ads that reach millions of ready buyers on the Internet or through social networking sites. E-learning and other forms of online training have reshaped the readiness of the average small business workforce as employees can listen to classroom lectures and share ideas with classmates from the comfort of their home or office. This eliminates the need for small business to hire training staff

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  • Seamless, hassle free service

    Our highly experienced team and technicians can have most repairs fixed and back to you within 30 minutes of arrival. Convenient locations in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction help provide you with the services you need wherever you are based.

  • 20 years experience

    Operating since 1993, Fone Fix is Australia’s longest established mobile phone repair specialist. We have encountered almost every issue you can imagine that relates to phone repairs and services. Our technicians have been headhunted from across the globe to ensure we can deliver the very best service and technical expertise.

  • 30 day Invoicing

    Repairs for companies have access to priority services, discounted pricing and 30 day invoicing. With no lock in contracts and your own dedicated service team, register for our “For Business” services today.

  • Free, same day CBD courier

    If you are tied up at work and can’t escape, don’t worry, we can collect your device and drop it back off. Almost all repairs are fixed within 30 mins of arrival and can be delivered back to you within the same day. Express courier services are only available within the Sydney CBD district.

  • Do you use original parts?

    Only official service centres can provide customers with “original” or “genuine parts”. Phone companies and manufacturers do not sell parts for their devices and there are very few, if any, certified repairs outside of going to the manufacture directly. Some repair companies claim to use original parts and to be “official” however,  most are not. You can confirm your nearest official Apple repair service provider in Sydney. All parts used by Fone Fix have been assembled to the highest of quality, come with 6 months warranty and have been put through a rigorous testing process before installation.

  • What does my warranty cover?

    Fone Fix’s 6 months warranty covers you for any parts installed during the repair. Warranty does not cover physical damage, misuse or third party repair. Please see our terms and conditions for full warranty information.

  • Will I void my manufacture warranty?

    If your device has been damaged, unless you have insurance, your manufacture warranty has already been voided. Outside of this warranty, most manufacturers and network providers do offer repair services. Some even offer a full swap/exchange or upgrade program. However, costs tend to be much higher, you will loose any data stored on the device and can takes days, even weeks to process. Manufacturers and networks providers have different programs available, if you service the device by a third party, it may or may not effect that particular policy.

  • I live out of state, can I post my device?

    Yes, you can post your phone to us from anywhere in Australia. Always securely package the device, include your contact details, fault details and any other relevant information. We do not require accessories, sim cards, memory cards or chargers. You will be automatically notified when when have received your package, during any repair updates and upon repair or service completion. Most repairs can be completed and posted back within the same day of arrival. Please make sure to check we can repair your model before sending. Some rare models of devices we don’t repair and can only offer software or data recovery services. If you have any further information about posting your repair or courier services please contact a member of our support team. Please ensure any packages for repair are sent to our Sydney CBD store directly.

  • Will I lose my data?

    When repairing and replacing micro electronics, it’s impossible for anyone to guarantee you that data will not be lost. Even the simplest of repair has many stages of complex processes. Although losing data would be an extremely rare occurrence, why take the chance? We strongly recommend to all our customers, if your device is functional, always back up your data first. We understand that in most cases, your information is more important to you that the device itself and if possible should always be secured before opening the device.

  • How is my data recovered?

    Data can be extracted using methods including, hardware repairs and software manipulation or a combination of both. When we successfully recovery the lost data, it can then be stored on a hard drive, USB or transferred directly back onto another compatible device.

  • What if my data can’t be recovered?

    In the unlikely even we are unable to get your data back, you will not be charged for the service.

  • Is my data secure?

    Strict processes and procedures are followed at all times to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. You will be able to see the data that has been successfully recovered upon collection and any data stored on site will be automatically deleted within 6 days of collection, giving you plenty of time to do an additional backups.

  • What is the recovery success rate?

    We can successfully recover the data of a mobile phone, hard drive or laptop at around 80% regardless of the damage or fault. The success rate depends mostly on the technician performing the recovery. In any extraction process the said device’s motherboard will need to be powered on in order to recover the files. The technician needs to be equally skilled in both hardware and software electronic repairs as once the main board is powered on, the window of opportunity to actually extract the data is often tiny. Both the hardware and software work needs to be performed simultaneously if there is any chance of success. There are very few professional recovery services available in Australia and the nature of the work involved can only be performed by the very best technicians. All of Fone Fix’s recovery technicians have been specifically headhunted as experts in both fields from Australia and overseas, ensuring the best result for you and your service.

  • e-books

    Many students are purchasing digital editions of textbooks instead of traditional printed copies for a variety of reasons, including cost efficiency, ease of accessibility, and environmental friendliness. E-books are typically accessed through a student’s personal device, such as a notebook, tablet or cellphone. Students should have access to them to look up information during class

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  • Access to information

    Mobile devices give students Internet access. Although it can be used inappropriately by some (such as to check Facebook or Twitter), students often use the Net to find more information about a topic being discussed in class. Not only can students use their personal devices to find extra data on their own, but professors can provide additional information that is easily accessible to their students.

  • Work in the field

    At the higher-education level, many students participate in field work as part of their specific areas of study. Much of this work requires the use of technology. For example, graphic design students may work on real projects that require relevant applications that are accessed through their personal devices. Learning how to use these apps in the classroom allows students will prepare them for using them outside of it

  • Materials and manufacturing

    The iPhone 6 screen is made up of many components. The hardened glass panel is the bit we touch but the capacitive touch module underneath is what responds to our touch. The Liquid Crystal Display unit gives us what we see on the screen and the LED backlight gives the screen it’s distinctive, bright look.

    The glass is made by a company called Corning based in Kentucky that has been involved in glass and ceramic making for 160 years. Their product, Gorrilla Glass has become synonymous with responsive touch modules but their products are used in air filtration, architecture and in the automotive industry to name a few.

    The touch module is manufactured by a US company called Broadcom. Located behind the glass, a gridwork of conductive strips respond to the change in current when you touch the screen. Apple has overcome existing limitations in touchscreen design to create a product that is able to accurately detect multiple touches. This allowed for features we now take for granted such as ‘pinch to zoom’.

    In the lead up to the release date it was widely believed that Apple was ending their relationship with Corning and the use of synthetic sapphire crystal. However on release it was revealed that the materials used were comprised of ‘ion-strengthened’ glass. Although Apple have not officially confirmed the manufacturer, it is most likely made by Corning.

    Since it’s release in 2007, the screen has been its most recognisable feature. It is also the feature that is most copied by Apple’s competitors.

  • How to prevent breakage

    One of the challenges of manufacturing an unbreakable glass is that the harder a material the more likely it is to shatter. The softer the material the more likely it is to be scratched. Steve Jobs recognised the shortcomings of plastic and encouraged Corning to develop a prototype of what eventually became Gorrilla Glass.

    The best way to prevent breakage is to install a high quality tempered glass protector. Tempered glass varies in strength and can be up to 5 times stronger than the glass of the device. Tempered glass is also extremely scratch resistant and far more cost effective to change when damaged.

    In addition to tempered glass, we also recommend investing in a good case that has integrated impact protection material. This helps to shift the energy generated from impact away from the display. The EMF Aspen case has been designed specifically with this in mind incorporating D30 technology for extreme impact protection.

  • Do you sell parts?

    We do not sell parts or any internal components other than batteries and accessories. However, we can install a part provided by a customer but no warranty will come with the repair. There are very few reputable suppliers in this industry but there are many cowboys. Parts purchased from sources like Ebay and Alibaba tend to be of the lowest quality available and will most probably fail nor not work altogether.

  • Postage
  • If my phone can’t be fixed, can you recover my data?

    Yes, even if your device is damaged beyond repair, in most instances we can sill get your information back.

  • How Much Will My Repair Cost?

    Quotations are based on the information provided by you or after assessment of the said device. Pricing and quotations are approximate and are subject to change at any time for all products and services. In the event that a price for repair is going to be different than the initial quote provided, we will always notify you before proceeding with the service for approval. We do not charge you if the repair or service is unsuccessful.

  • Can Fone Fix collect my device?

    Yes, courier and same day shipping services are available. Please contact a member of our service team for more information or to book in a courier pickup.


  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard transactions at any Fone Fix store. We do not accept American Express.

  • Your mobile phone seriously damaged and beyond repair

    If your phone has undergone extreme physical damage: e.g. been stomped on by someone, run over by a car or suffered major corrosion over a period of months or years. In this instance the device would be determined as not fixable and the only service offered would be to recover the data. No matter how serious the damage, there is always a change we can get the information back.

  • Your mobile phone may have software faults or a virus

    There are a number of reasons your operating system experiences issues including common viruses, failures during updates or hardware issues causing the phone to get stuck in recovery mode, stuck in a constant boot loop, perpetually crashes during booting up, or simply will not start. This can happen through no fault of your own and can be very stressful. Even in these even we are able to bypass the issue and extract any previous information stored in the memory before installing new operating system or firmware to get the device back up and running as normal.

  • You have forgotten your mobile phone lock code or password

    We have all been there, forgetting a password is very common and extremely frustrating. You’re sure you have tried every possible combination but nothing seems to work. For some devices, especially iPhones, if you punch the code in wrong to many times the device will disable. There are 4 stages of this process. Stage 1, you will be asked to tray again in a few minutes. Stage 2, a few hours. Stage 3, days, even a few months until the final stage 4 where you have no more attempts and the phone is permanently disabled. In this even the only option would be to restore the device and you will lose all the data. If you have already failed your attempts after stage 1 and 2, stop and bring the phone in for recovery services.

  • Standard Service Fee

    Option A: Full Data Recovery

    $500 (All recoverable data on the device)

    Option B: Partial Data Recovery

    $200 (Per each set of recoverable data)

    Turn-around time usually 5 to 7 Business Days.

  • Priority Service Fee

    Option A: Full Data Recovery

    $1000 (Three or more recoverable sets of data)

    Option B: Partial Data Recovery

    $400 (per each set of recoverable data)

    Turnaround time for this service is 24 to 48 hours.

  • Has Your Home Button Stopped Working?

    iPhone Button Repairs

    Sometimes the frame can get damaged causing the buttons to stick, it could just need a clean or may need replacing altogether. Dirt and moisture can also clog the buttons,  functionality may become intermittent and could eventually fail. This is always extremely frustrating and can lead to heavy pressing which can cause additional damage to the components around it. The best time to replace your home button is when you first notice it begin to fail. Bring your iPhone in for repair and restore the smooth function it once had. Fone Fix can repair and replace the iPhone Home Button, side, volume and iPhone Power Button faults.

  • Have You Lost The Sound?

    iPhone Audio Repairs

    If your pocket is full of dust and lint, overtime that can block the ports preventing the smooth function of your audio experience. Additionally there could be internal damage. Don’t put up with intermittent or poor quality sound.

    We can repair any of the following sound issues:

    Whatever the fault, bring your Phone into Fone Fix to have an expert restore it’s proper function.

  • Has Your iPhone Stopped Charging?

    iPhone Charging Repairs

    We can replace your iPhone Charger Connector, your Lightening Cable Charging Accessory or Replace your iPhone Battery. Always try an original Apple charging cable first, as it’s far more common for the cable to get damaged than the charging connector or battery.

  • Did Your iPhone Get Wet?

    iPhone Liquid Damage Repairs

    Assuming your device still powers on,  if you have any data that’s not backed up, make that your first priority. If your device does not power on, contact a member of our team today for some helpful advise and to run through your options. The success of iPhone Liquid Damage Repairs and the likely outcome are determined when we inspect your iPhone.

  • Have You Lost Your Photos?

    iPhone Data Recovery Services

    Accidentally deleted, no power, severe damage, liquid damage and malware attack are just some of the reasons you may need our iPhone data recovery service. We offer full and partial recovery options to suite your requirements.

  • Has Your iPhone Frozen?

    iPhone Software Repairs

    If your iPhone keeps getting stuck and freezes, you could have a storage capacity issue or battery problem. If the issue is software related, Fone Fix offers iPhone iOS Operating System Software Fault Services across Sydney. Whatever the problem, hardware or software, we can find a solution for you.

  • Is Your iPhone Locked?

    iPhone Carrier Unlocking

    When you first arrive in Australia your iPhone may still be locked to your overseas service provider. You may need it unlocked quickly to be able to contact potential employers and find your way in an unfamiliar city. Bring your iPhone to Fone Fix and we’ll unlock your carrier and help you get up and running on a local network. We can Unlock all iPhones from most carriers world-wide.

  • How much does unlocking my phone cost?

    Fone Fix’s mobile phone Unlocking fee prices range from $80 AUD to $200 AUD depending on your mobile phone network and country or origin. (The average fee is $100 with Australian mobile phone network unlocks being at the lower end of the scale). Please call for a quote relative to your specific mobile phone model and network service provider.

  • How do i pay for the unlock service?

    Fone Fix will receive your unlocking fee payment over the phone via credit card (no records are ever kept of your credit card number). Please note all fees are charged in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and where relevant please check any relevant international exchange rate fee or other fee your bank may charge for processing any international purchase. All quoted prices attract a 2% credit card processing service fee and Fone Fix accepts only Visa or Mastercard. We also accept payments via cash and debit card in-store.

  • How long does the unlock service take?

    For most Australian Carriers your unlock code will be ready in 1-3 business days. For International Carriers it varies from 1 to 10 business days. Please be careful buying from unknown unlocking websites on the internet as many of them will take your fee and then just won’t get back to you for months despite claiming they offer an instant service – we speak to many people who have been frustrated by this each and every day.

  • Can all mobile phones be unlocked?

    No. About 20 to 30% of mobile phone unlocks we attempt won’t be possible. If this is the case you will be refunded the fee. (Note in cases where your phone is network barred then unlocking won’t work – in this case there is no fee refund – the onus is on you to tell us if you suspect the mobile phone is a lost or stolen handset PRIOR to booking an unlocking service and we will generally not provide the service in such cases). We also do not provide a refund if you provide us with the wrong IMEI number for your phone!

  • Is unlocking illegal?

    No, it is a common misconception that unlocking your mobile phone is illegal. In fact quite the opposite, it is your consumer right to have your handset unlocked.

    The mobile phone network companies must provide you with an unlock code if you request it – but they normally will consume a large amount of your time during the request process (they often will keep you on hold for hours at one of their fabulous out-sourced call-centres in India or the The Phillipines), charge you for the privilege, and then may insist you pay for all monthly rental in advance for the remainder of your contract.

  • Is changing IMEI numbers illegal?

    Yes! We will not do this for anyone as the mobile phone may be stolen or lost.

  • Your device is B.E.R

    Beyond Economic Repair and can’t be fixed, and the sole purpose of the Service Report is to replace your device through your Insurance Provider.

  • Your device is damaged and needs to be repaired

    Your Insurance may cover damage that can be repaired, Service Reports and Tax Invoices are available at Fone Fix to help assist with your claim.

  • What If My iPhone Frame Is Bent?

    As most of us are now aware due to recent press releases, it’s no secret that from the iPhone 6 upwards, the frame can bend from the slightest pressure. It’s actually more common for the frame to have sustained some form of damage than not. Thankfully, as the aluminium is soft, it can be reshaped back into place using a special tool called a G-Tool. Some damage is beyond repair and in that instance we may need to replace the entire housing or offer alternative solutions.

  • Do you need my phone to unlock it?

    We can unlock most devices remotely but will need to have received cleared funds before the unlock can be processed.

  • Is it worth fixing liquid damaged phones?

    Yes and no, it depends on what other options are available for you. The cost of repair vs. the price of a new phone and the level of damage inside the device. Liquid damage repairs always come with risk, just by opening a heavily corroded device can kill it permanently. First question you should be asking yourself is, do you have all the data secured? If not and your device is still functional, do a backup as soon as possible as the real damage from liquid happens over time and your phone may not have long. If your device does not power up, you should focus on just getting the data recovered as opposed to fixing the device. We can recover the data from most devices that have been exposed to moisture or liquids. If you don’t need any information from the device then it might be a good idea to see what your network provider or manufacturer can offer you. For instance, if you have an iPhone and you don’t need the data, you can take the device into any Apple store and exchange it for a new/refurbished handset. The price of swapping the device is not much more than the cost of repair and as liquid damage comes with no guarantees and no warranty, servicing the device may not be the best option for you. Even after a successful liquid damage repair we would only give the device a 50/50 chance of survival.

  • How do I get my data back if my phone has been wet?

    In most cases, even when they don’t power on, we can recover the data from liquid damaged phones. In fact, the only service we recommend our customers for devices that have been wet is data recovery. If your phone is still functional, we highly recommend to do a backup as soon as you can. If your device is dead then bring it to our recovery experts and they can get to work extracting your data.

  • iPhone Microphone
    iPhone Microphone Repair - ModelRepair PriceRepair Time
    iPhone 4$7030 mins
    iPhone 4s$7030 mins
    iPhone 5$7030 mins
    iPhone 5s$7030 mins
    iPhone 6$8030 mins
    iPhone 6 Plus$8030 mins
    iPhone 6s$9030 mins
    iPhone 6s Plus$9030 mins

    For the iPhone series, the regular microphone is attached to your charging connector assembly, which also, for some models, includes your handsfree jack and network antenna. The Loud speaker microphone is situated at the opposite end of the device, this is also connected to a full assembly including your front camera, light sensor and works to activate your earpiece.

    The two images shows both microphones attached the the assembly. The microphones are the square gold plates attached to the end of the narrow flex. Both microphones repairs are relatively straight forward for the iPhone and can normally be completed within 30 minutes.

  • Take it back to the manufacturer

    With most top brands, if your device gets damaged you can take it directly back to the manufacturer for a repair, replacement, trade or upgrade. Different providers offer different services. With Apple, if your device is beyond repair they will swap the iPhone for a refurbished unit at about half the retail price, which is a very good offer under the circumstances, as the device would be useless otherwise. If your iPhone can’t be fixed and you have already recovered your data, your best option by far is going to Apple for a swap. They also offer repairs but prices tend to be higher wait times can range from hours to days of processing.

    For the most recent Samsung models, especially with a curved edge repair prices outside of going to Samsung tend to be much higher, sometimes double the price. It’s always a good idea to with damage to new models to visit your local Samsung store first  to enquire about the cost of repair. I wouldn’t advise calling as you will be on the phone for a very long time and probably wont get the answer you are looking for, go into the store directly and speak with the service team.

    Serving your phone with the manufacturer in some instances is the best option, in others it’s not. The point is you have options and are free to choose the best one that suits you at the time you need it. Most people don’t have the time to deal with the manufacturer service process and just want a quick, professional repair done at there convenience, in that instance a third party repair may be the best option for you.



  • Take it to your network provider

    If you purchased your phone through a contract you have the option to take it directly back to the network provider for servicing in the even of a breakage. Network providers will send your device away to be serviced and will charge you for the repair, wait times tens to take the longest of all your options and prices are high. If you do choose to service your device through your provider and there is data still on the device you can’t get access to, always check first with them  if there is any risk of you loosing the data on the phone.

  • Do it yourself

    You can always try and do it yourself, however, the tools and components online that are available to repair are mostly cheap, low-grade quality and will take days to arrive. The YouTube tutorial you will watch will always miss out vital steps of the repair process and waste hours upon hours of your precious time. With this route there is a high risk of making a mistake and totally destroying your phone. But for sure this will be your cheapest option. If you fancy your chances, give it a go, if you get stuck, give us a call. Expect to make mistakes when trying to repair for the first time, can if its possible back up your data before you try. Just one tip, if you do venture into the unknown, make sure to keep the screws in order, try not to bring us a half dismantled device with a bag of mixed screws.

  • Choose a third party repair

    Repairing your device from a mobile phone repair business has its pros and cons.

    The pros are, the service is normally very quick, reasonably priced and maybe closer to where you are. The downside is, over the last 3-4 years repair shops have popped up all over Australia, hundreds of them, often with absolutely zero experience of working with micro electronics or mobile phones and use the devices that come in as guinea pigs. If you choose the wrong third party the risk of damage is as high as your next door neighbour giving it a go. To be a skilled technician takes years of repairing thousands of devices before you develop the skills and knowledge required to complete even the most difficult repairs with minimum risk of damage to the device.

    Established repair companies will have skilled, qualified technicians, practices, policies, processes and procedures to ensure each devices is serviced to its optimal potential with almost no risk involved. Pop up repair companies are a major hazard in the industry and destroy as many devices as they fix. The issue is there are not enough good micro electronic technicians in the industry in this country to meet the demand from the ever growing number of mobile phone repair shops, this leaves a situation where there are many devices being serviced by unqualified technicians with no experience. If you go down the third party repair route, always check how long the company has been trading? if there business is a registered? if there is an established public retail premises you can visit? and if the repair comes with any warranty?

  • Tempered Glass

    Toughened glass screen protectors with absolute scratch-proof and impact resistant surfaces to protect your device from everyday use. Designed to sit on the flat surface of the Phone screen, the OpticShield features multiple layers of ultra-thin hardness enhancing materials that are combined to increase shock absorption to the maximum level. Glass screen protectors do the job and are very cost effective.

  • EFM Premium Armour

    EFM curved amour glass protection is simply beautiful, stunning design and super strong. Unlike the basic range this product protects right up to the edge of your screen giving you maximum protection.

  • EFM Flexi Glass

    Get the most screen protection for your device without compromising on looks or performance with the EFM FLEXI GLASS SCREEN ARMOUR. This super hardy screen armour will stand up to the roughest treatment, and yet it’s so thin, it’s virtually undetectable once applied. Also featuring an anti-grease surface coating that repels smudges and fingerprints, the EFM FLEXI GLASS SCREEN ARMOUR will keep your screen crystal clear and totally protected at all times.

  • Lost, Stolen, Blacklisted and Barred Devices

    Being able to use the mobile data and call features will also reveal if the phone has been stolen. In Australia, stolen phones can be reported to the carrier and the handset can be blocked from accessing the network. This means that no matter how many SIM card changes and full restores the phone goes through, it will never fully function.

    Buying a stolen phone can even land you in legal hot water. If there is suspicion that you knew or reasonably suspected the phone to be stolen and carried on with the sale anyway, you could be charged with receiving stolen property and face up to 10 years imprisonment. The rule of thumb is if it comes without any accessories, is still sealed in box and they won’t let you check it or simply sounds too good to be true, don’t touch it.

    When checking if it’s stolen you can even save yourself some time and request the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of the handset and check it against the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association database. If it says blocked, it’s been lost by or stolen from the original owner. Before you even meet them, request that they provide a picture of the IMEI displayed on the phone’s screen (easily done on any device) so you can verify it’s kosher. If it’s been recently stolen and it’s only just been reported, the AMTA database may not have been updated yet. Request that you meet a few days in the future and check regularly to ensure that it’s not been blacklisted.

    If the device is in recovery mode, make sure you activate it first. If the device is an iPhone and has been synced with an Apple iTunes ID, the handset will not work without the original passcode and ID.

  • Buying Phones Online

    1: Ebay

    Many iPhones for sale on Ebay are cheaper than most alternative sources but are often low quality refurbished devices advertised as “new” “like new” or even “brand new” iPhones. Many of them have missing components, screws, internal panels and cheap aftermarket parts are used to build the device. Another downside is that most of the sellers only have an Ebay shop and no physical address or contact number making it difficult to get a refund or replacement in the event you have any issues with the device. However, if you purchased the device on Ebay using PayPal you have buyer protection and can raise a dispute, this process can take some time and involve a lot of back and forward between parties to establish who is at fault.


    2: Gumtree

    iPhone’s purchased on Gumtree we believe have the highest risk when buying secondhand phones. Many people have been left with a phone that has been registered lost or stolen, iTunes blocked, locked to an overseas network or experiences a number of functionality issues shortly after purchase. Unlike ebay and official pawnbrokers there is no buyer protection and many iPhones are purchased with cash in person and no way of being able to contact that person again if something should go wrong.

  • Pawnbrokers Services


    Unlike Ebay, pawnbrokers do have a physical address you can buy the device from, often the cost it much higher than Ebay and the warranty is generally about 3 weeks from the date of purchase. Pawnbrokers have limited knowledge about the internal workings of the device and won’t be assessed by a qualified technician to ensure any underlying issues are identified before they go up for sale. With this option it’s a hit and miss whether you are getting a dud or not, there’s no way of knowing if it’s been liquid damaged, has any missing parts, has a swollen battery, or has been damaged and repaired before. The upside is with any pawnbroker the device would have been listed with the police and checks are done over a two week period before sale to ensure the device has not been registered lost or stolen.

  • New, used or refurbished?


  • Mobile Phone Shops

    Many phone stores that offer second hand iPhones operate without a second hand dealer licence, creating a breeding ground for buying and selling stolen devices. Make sure that the retailer has been authorised by the Australian Fair Trade Commission. The company must be an authorised pawn broker and second hand dealer. This information should be clearly displayed in the store stating:

    the name of the licensee
    the licensee’s number
    the category of licence
    Buying your iPhone from a licenced company ensures that the device has been checked against the national police records and will come with a valid warranty.

    With a bit of planning and a whole lot of caution, you could be walking away with that shiny new handset for a fraction of the retail price. Be careful, do your homework and ask a lot of questions and you’ll be happy. If anything ever happens to it or if it’s in good but not great condition, bring it to the team at FoneFix and we’ll get you sorted.

  • Full or Partial recovery

    Data recovery pricing is structured around what sets of data need to be extracted.

    For Full Data Recovery

    You will receive three or more recoverable sets of data from your device

    For a Partial Data Recovery

    You will receive only 1 set of data from your device – specified by you at commencement – E.G. Photos only OR SMS only OR any other data set only that you select.

  • Why do other companies charge so much?

    Many companies charge up to and sometimes over $2000 to recover data. Processes involved can be extremely time consuming and complex and for open hard drive recovery, a fully fitted clean room is required to prevent any damage to the disc during extraction. In reality, most recovery services do not need to be performed in a clean room and many companies are simply overpriced. Bamboozling customers with complex industry terminology, exploiting the fact that most customers in this situation would do or pay anything to get the info back. There are different stages of recovery processes and information can be extracted separately, so we only charge you for what you actually need. We are so confident in our tried and tested recovery processes that in the unlikely event we are unsuccessful, you will not be charged any service attempt fees.


  • What if the LCD or Display is also damaged?

    Most breakages that occur with iPads is the front screen or touch screen only and the liquid crystal display underneath is still fully intact. fortunately there can be separated and replaced individually. If you are one of the unlucky few and your LCD displays bleeding black ink, is completely black or white, shows distorted images and colours, you may require both a new screen and a new LCD. For prices on replacing your display in addition to your front screen please contact us for more information.

  • What If My iPad Has Another Fault?

    Additional iPad Repairs

    Most internal repairs on the iPad require the screen to be removed. Unfortunately, the screen will be damaged as it is pulled away from the frame and a new one will have to be installed. This adds to the cost of the replacement of any internal parts.

    If the device cannot be tested before the screen is replaced there is an additional risk. If the internal repair is unsuccessful, the new screen will have to be removed again to investigate the fault. This will often push the cost of repair above the cost of simply replacing the device.

    Unless you have valuable data locked up in the damaged iPad, in some instances repairing it may not be the best solution for you. Our team is happy to discuss your situation for any fault and help you find the best outcome.

  • I need to change my carrier

    Most models of Samsung devices can be unlocked within 24 hours at any Fone Fix store.  No matter the carrier or country of origin contact us to see if we can connect your Samsung to a local network or to use overseas. Unlock all Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones for pretty much every carrier in the world.

  • Nobody Can Hear You?

    iPhone Microphone Repairs

    If your on a call and the other person can’t hear you, we can replace your iPhone Microphone. This can happen from a build up of pocket fluff and dust or the part may be damaged and need replacing.

  • You Can’t Hear The Caller?

    iPhone Earpiece Repairs

    If your on a call and there is no voice coming through or the sound is crackling or very low then you probably just need your iPhone’s earpiece replacing.

  • Samsung buttons not working?

    If your buttons have sunken in, get stuck or just stop responding altogether, for most Samsung models these can be replaced or repaired. The home button however, for most Samsung devices are attached to the LCD. Some power button replacements are complex and require soldering work. If any of your buttons have stopped working please contact us to go through your options for the device.

  • My Sound has gone

    No more ringtone, music or the all important alarm clock to get you up for work on time can be a nuisance, most likely the loudspeaker can be refitted or ringer can be replaced to resolve this issue.

  • My Samsung has a charging fault

    Unfortunately a very common issue with all Samsung models due to the nature of the charging connector design, being the good old micro usb port. Extremely fragile and very easy to break but in most cases can be replaced. Some Samsung charging connectors can be replaced fairly easily, other are more complex and for some, only wireless charging solutions are available.

  • My Samsung got soaked

    Liquid damage can be a nightmare, especially salt water. Switch the device off to prevent a short circuit and call us today to run through your liquid extraction service options.

  • Samsung has a software failure

    Reinstall your Samsung Software or Operating System

    There are a number of reasons this might happen and is far more common with Android operating systems compared to IOS. We can restore the device back to normal and have you up and running again in no time.

  • Samsung, people can’t hear me?

    If your on a call and the person on the other end keeps repeating hello, or they struggle to hear you, we may be able to replace your microphone and fix the issue.

  • Samsung, I can’t hear people?

    If your on a call and struggle to hear the person on the other end, or you can hear interference, we may be able to replace the earpiece and restore the sound.

  • Samsung, I’ve lost my data?

    Data can be lost for a number of reasons and is often more important that the device itself. In the event of loss through damage, software, human error or liquid damage read more information about our Samsung Galaxy Date Recovery service.

  • Is Your iPhone Screen Damaged?

    iPhone Screen Repairs Sydney

    Damaged iPhone screens are by far the most common repair we see. Not just for the iPhone but unfortunately this is the case for most modern smart phones. Fortunately, iPhone Screen Repairs can be completed within 30 minutes upon arrival at any Fone Fix service centre.

  • iOS Software Repairs

    iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.The iOS user interface is based upon direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. Interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons. Interaction with the OS includes gestures such as swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, all of which have specific definitions within the context of the iOS operating system and its multi-touch interface. Internal accelerometers are used by some applications to respond to shaking the device (one common result is the undo command) or rotating it in three dimensions (one common result is switching between portrait and landscape mode).



  • Android Software Repairs

    Android (stylised as android) is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android’s user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions, such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along with a virtual keyboard for text input. In addition to touchscreen devices, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches, each with a specialised user interface. Variants of Android are also used on notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras, and other electronics.

    Android has the largest installed base of all operating systems (OS) of any kind. Currently running on, Samsung, Google, Nexus, HTC and LG mobile phone devices.

  • Windows Software Repairs

    Most versions of Windows Mobile have a standard set of features, such as multitasking and the ability to navigate a file system similar to that of Windows 9x and Windows NT, including support for many of the same file types. Similarly to its desktop counterpart, it comes bundled with a set of applications that perform basic tasks. Internet Explorer Mobile is the default web browser, and Windows Media Player is the default media player used for playing digital media. The mobile version of Microsoft Office, is the default office suite.

    Internet Connection Sharing, supported on compatible devices, allows the phone to share its Internet connection with computers via USB and Bluetooth. Windows Mobile supports virtual private networking over PPTP protocol. Most devices with mobile connectivity also have a Radio Interface Layer. The Radio Interface Layer provides the system interface between the Cell Core layer within the Windows Mobile OS and the radio protocol stack used by the wireless modem hardware. This allows OEMs to integrate a variety of modems into their equipment.

    The user interface changed dramatically between versions, only retaining similar functionality. The Today Screen, later called the Home Screen, shows the current date, owner information, upcoming appointments, e-mails, and tasks. The taskbar display the current time as well as the volume level. Devices with a cellular radio also show the signal strength on said taskbar.

  • iPhone Battery
    iPhone Battery RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    iPhone 4/4s$505-10 mins
    iPhone 5/5s/5c$705-10 mins
    iPhone 6$805-10 mins
    iPhone 6 Plus$905-10 mins
    iPhone 6s$905-10 mins
    iPhone 6s Plus$1005-10 mins
    iPhone 7$11030 mins
    iPhone 7 Plus$11030 mins
    iPhone 8$13030 mins
    iPhone 8 Plus$15030 mins
    iPhone X$17030 mins

    Find out more information about iPhone battery replacements.


  • What is lithium-ion?

    A lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery (abbreviated as LIB) is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material, compared to the metallic lithium used in a non-rechargeable lithium battery. The electrolyte, which allows for ionic movement, and the two electrodes are the constituent components of a lithium-ion battery cell.

    Lithium-ion batteries are common in home electronics. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable electronics, with a high energy density, tiny memory effect and low self-discharge. Beyond consumer electronics, LIBs are also growing in popularity for military, battery electric vehicle and aerospace applications.For example, lithium-ion batteries are becoming a common replacement for the lead–acid batteries that have been used historically for golf carts and utility vehicles. Instead of heavy lead plates and acid electrolyte, the trend is to use lightweight lithium-ion battery packs that can provide the same voltage as lead-acid batteries, so no modification to the vehicle’s drive system is required.

  • Samsung Battery
    Samsung Battery RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    Galaxy s3$4510 mins
    Galaxy S4$4510 mins
    Galaxy s5$4510 mins
    Galaxy s6$1102-3 hours
    Galaxy S6 Edge$1102-3 hours
    Galaxy S7$1102-3 hours
    Galaxy s7 Edge$1102-3 hours
    Galaxy S8$1203-4 hours
    Galaxy S8 Plus$1203-4 hours
    Galaxy Note 2$4510 mins
    Galaxy Note 3$4510 mins
    Galaxy Note 4$4510 mins
    Galaxy Note 5$1101-2 hours
    Galaxy Note Edge$4510 mins

    Find out more information about Samsung Galaxy Battery replacements.

  • Sony Battery
    Sony Battery RepairRepair Price
    Xperia Z$90
    Xperia Z1$90
    Xperia Z2$90
    Xperia Z3$90
    Xperia Z3 Compact$90
    Xperia Z3 Plus$90
    Xperia Z5$90
    Xperia Z5 Compact$90
    Xperia Z5 Premium$90
    Xperia XZ$90
    Xperia XZ Premium$90

    Find out more about Sony Xperia Battery replacements.

  • Optimum charge

    The rule with Li-ion batteries is to keep them 50% or more most of the time. When it drops below 50% top it up a little if you can. A little a few times a day seems to be the optimum to aim for.

    But don’t charge it all the way to 100%. It won’t be fatal to your battery if you do a full recharge – most of us are forced to do this every now and again in emergencies. But constantly doing a full recharge will shorten the battery’s lifespan.

    So a good range to aim for when charging a Li-ion battery is from about 40% to 80% in one go. Try not to let the battery drop below 20%.

  • When to fully charge

    Experts recommend that you do a full zero to 100% battery recharge (a “charge cycle”) maybe once a month only. This recalibrates the battery – a bit like restarting your computer, or, for humans, going on holiday! The same goes for laptops, by the way.

  • Overcharge

    Some modern smartphones are clever enough to stop charging when full, so there isn’t a great risk in leaving your phone charging overnight. If you are unsure we recommend not to leave your battery over charging for extended periods of time. Remove the phone from a case if charging for a long time, as a case could lead to over heating – which Lithium-ion batteries do not like.

  • Fast charging

    Many Android phones have a feature that allows for fast charging. Samsung even calls its technology “ultra fast charging”. Motorola boasts about its Droid Turbo that promises an 8 hour charge in just 15 minutes! HTC’s Rapid Charger 2.0 charges devices such as the One M8, One E8 and Desire Eye 40 percent faster.

    These phones have special code usually located in a chip known as the Power Management IC (PMIC) that communicates with the charger you are using and requests that it send power at a higher voltage.

    Apple’s iPhone 6 doesn’t feature fast charging but its Qualcomm PMIC is smart enough to recognise when you use a higher-amp charger (like the one you get with the iPad), and that’s a good thing because fast charging will heat up that Li-ion battery and cause it increased wear and tear.

    For the same reason, don’t leave your phone in a hot car, on the beach or next to the oven. A hot battery will suffer long-term effects on its lifespan. And so will a super-cold one, so don’t leave your device in the freezer or out in the snow!

    So, if you can, switch off fast charging on your Android phone.

  • Avoid using cheap chargers

    Where possible use the charger that came with your phone, as it is sure to have the correct rating. Or make sure that a third-party charger is approved by your phone’s manufacturer. Cheap alternatives from Amazon or eBay may harm your phone, and there have been several reported cases of cheap chargers actually catching on fire!

  • Storage

    Don’t leave a Li-ion battery li-ing around too long at 0%. Try to leave it at around 40-50%. These batteries drain at about 5-10% a month when not in use. If you let the battery discharge completely and leave it uncharged for a long period of time it may eventually become incapable of holding a charge at all (that’s properly dead). It’s unlikely you’ll leave your smartphone lying in a drawer for very long, but some people do leave their laptop, battery packs or spare batteries unused for long periods of time. So try to keep them all at least half charged.

  • iPhone Charging Port
    Apple ModelCharging Connector PriceRepair Time
    iPhone 4/4s$7030 mins
    iPhone 5/5s/5c$7030 mins
    iPhone 6/6s$8030 mins
    iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus$8030 mins
    iPhone 7$11045 mins- 1 hour
    iPhone 7 Plus$11045 mins- 1 hour
    iPhone 8$13045 mins- 1 hour
    iPhone 8 Plus$14045 mins- 1 hour
    iPhone X$14045 mins- 1 hour
  • Samsung Charging Port
    Samsung ModelCharging Port PriceRepair Time
    Samsung S4$8030 mins
    Samsung S5NASee below
    Samsung S6NASee below
    Samsung S6 Edge$1202-3 hours
    Samsung S7/ S7 Edge$1102-3 Hours
    Samsung Note 4NASee below
    Samsung Note 5NASee Below
    Samsung S8/ S8 Plus$1202-3 hours
    Samsung S9/ S9 Plus$1302-3 hours

    For some Samsung models, the screen/LCD will need to be replaced in order to replace the charging connector. In this instance the cost of repair is usually extremely high. Models include, the S5, S6, S6, S7/S7/Note 5 & Note Edge.

    Other solutions are available with the release of external battery chargers that bypass the need to use your charging connector. Most new models have the wireless charging capabilities integrated into the device.

  • Samsung Screen Damage

    Samsung Galaxy Screen Repairs

    If your Samsung is cracked or has become unresponsive we can probably just replace the screen. Some newer modes require a clamping process after the screen has been replaced, some don’t. Find out more details about Samsung Galaxy screen repairs and processes.

  • Is Your Frame Bent?

    iPhone Housing Repairs

    Your iPhone is one of the best looking devices on the market and can be spoiled by damage. If your frame is bent, twisted, scratched or chipped come to Fone Fix to repair unsightly, damaged iPhone Housing.

  • Lines, Colours or Discolouration

    When your phone drops and the screen cracks, you may see a wonderful display of colours in various shapes, sizes and patterns. Sometimes the touch screen works, sometimes it doesn’t. In this state of disrepair you may also see slight flickering or experience erratic selections across the user platform.

  • The Black Blob

    Yes, the black blob may display itself in various shapes and sizes. This blob may also change shape or grow in size. It’s simply not possible for this issue to just go away by itself. The layers of ink that are sandwiched together behind the display have ruptured and that ink substance is bleeding through onto the front glass. Don’t worry, this should not do any additional damage to your device as it would be an unusually rare occurrence for this ink to penetrate through the back of the screen onto the internal components inside.

  • Strange Water Marks

    When you see markings of this nature, 99% of the time it will be caused from exposure to moisture or liquids. If the phone still works, make sure to back up all the info as water damage on micro electronics is not good, your phone may not have long to live.

  • Mysterious Yellow Patches

    The yellow patches usually appear from a constant supply of pressure. That pressure produces the colour the same as when you push your thumb onto a computer or T.V screen and you can see a display of colours.
    The cause of this issue can be from issues internally or externally. For example, if your battery was to swell up or you had dropped the phone and internal components were dislodged or the frame had bent, this could be putting the pressure against the screen from behind causing the discolouration. Excessive heat can also be a cause, too much heat focused on one area and cause “burn marks” on the LCD. The most common cause is from broken front glass, the uneven shattered glass may be touching the LCD underneath, most of the time, when the pressure is removed and the screen is replaced, the yellow will disappear.

  • Your device is damaged and still in contract

    If your phones are under contract with your provider, which most company devices are, the devices can be sent back directly to the network provider for servicing. If the fault is under warranty, this service should be free. If the device has been damaged and is not covered under warranty, in most cases fees for repairs tent to be extremely high accompanied by slow turnaround times, sometimes having to wait days, even weeks for the device back. This is due to the device having to be sent away to the nearest service centre for repair. Most providers will also automatically erase any data stored on the device.

  • Your device is damaged but covered under insurance

    In most cases your insurance provider will require an insurance report to assist with your insurance claim. This is to detail the issues with the device and if it required a replacement or repair. Excess fess are often charged with most policies. Some providers also require the device back when claiming for a replacement, always be sure to double check the fine details for excess fees and the process in the event of damage for repair or replacement.

  • Your device is damaged beyond repair

    If your device has met the end of it’s days and need replacing, the obvious solution, if covered, is to claim it under Insurance. Alternatively, some manufactures like Apple and Samsung offer services for devices that can”t be repaired. In some circumstances, repairing the device is not the objective as valuable data may be stored inside. If this is the case, you will need to get the data recovered before claiming under insurance or swapping the device with the manufacture.With any option, sending your device to the manufacture or provider for repairs will normally incur long wait times, high prices and your data will almost always be wiped.

  • Your Hard Drive has become non-responsive

    Sometimes, hard drives can just seem to crash for no apparent reason, the drive wont sync to the computer or you may even hear a strange clicking noise coming from inside. Unfortunately, these are all very common issues and the cause can vary over a wide range of faults or miss practice. In any instance, if this has happened to you, don’t worry, we have encountered this issue many times and have an extremely high success rate in recovering the lost data.

  • Your Hard Drive has a virus and the data is corrupted

    If bug has found its way into your Hard Drive and has corrupted the data inside the files, you may not be able to access them or you may see strange coding where the data used to be. Malicious Malware can be transmitted to our hard drives a number of ways including sketchy downloads from the web or that already exists on the computer the drive is connected to. In any case, regardless of the aggressiveness of the malware or the depth of encryption, in most circumstances we are able to successfully retrieve the data.

  • Your Hard Drive is physically damaged and won’t connect

    As Hard Drives are designed to be fairly durable, when they get damaged, in most instances, it’s normally with the USB connections that have experienced wear and tear over time. Alternatively you may have damaged the connection or the device may have been dropped and internal components dislodged.  You may also want to check the cables you are using are not also damaged to prevent a repeat occurrence in the future. Our expert recovery technicians are highly skilled in both software and hardware procedures offering you a full range of expertise ensuring  the best chance of securing your data.

  • Your Hard Drive may have been liquid damaged?

    Micro Electronics and liquid are simply not compatible for obvious reasons. Recovering data from corroded motherboards can involve extremely complex work. We specialise specifically in extracting data from devices that have been wet, rusted, corroded and show no signs of life with great success rates. If your device has been wet, DO NOT try to plug it into a power source as this could cause additional damage.


  • What if I don’t need data and just want it fixed?

    In almost every case, when a Hard Drive stops working, for whatever reason, the main priority is to recover the information. As the device itself can be purchased reasonably cheap, after successfully recovering the data, purchasing a new Storage Device would be preferable to fixing it.

  • Charging The Future

    While smartphones, smarthomes and even smart wearables are growing ever more advanced, they’re still limited by power. The battery hasn’t advanced in decades. But we’re on the verge of a power revolution.

    Big technology companies, and now car companies that are making electric vehicles, are all too aware of the limitations of lithium-ion batteries. While chips and operating systems are becoming more efficient to save power we’re still only looking at a day or two of use on a smartphone before having to recharge. That’s why universities are getting involved.

    We’ve seen a plethora of battery discoveries coming out of universities all over the world. Tech companies and car manufacturers are pumping money into battery development, and with races like Formula E adding pressure to improve, that technology is only going to get greater.

    But while we’ve been writing about these developments for years they still haven’t made it to our phones. This is because everyone is waiting for the perfect replacement before making the jump. That, and commitments to current batteries thanks to manufacturing techniques that cost a lot to change and existing deals for minerals being hard to break.

    Things are starting to change though, so we’ve collected all the best battery discoveries that could be with us soon. From over the air charging to super-fast 30-second re-charging, you could be seeing this tech in your gadgets sooner than you think. Read more about the future of battery technology and how it may effect us.

  • Lightening Port Replacemnt

    The lightening charging port is found on all iPhone models from the iPhone 5 through to the most current release. This connector can be damaged from exposure to moisture, a build up of matter or damage to the actual charging pins. Sometimes the port my just need a chemical clean or the entire part may need to be replaced. When this connector gets damaged or stops working, it can also effect your microphone, ringer or handsfree jack, as all these components are attached to the same part. for The iPhone 5s, the home button/Fingerprint reader is also attached to the charging port by a flex cable. Replacing this connector is fairly common and takes around 30 minutes to install. You can read more about Apple’s patent filings for the lightening connector that detail the internal components and full design specs.

  • Micro USB Port Replacement

    The Micro USB charring connector is found on most mobile phones brands other than Apple, including Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia Z, Nexus, LG and Nokia. For some models the connector come as a separate part that can easily be replaced, for other models, soldering and or replacing the entire screen is required to repair the fault and other more cost effective solutions are available. Wireless charging solutions bypassing the need to insert a cable is always an alternative option to repair for compatible devices. Research more information about the design and specifications of the micro USB connector.

  • Will my Sony still be waterproof?

    The short answer is, no. Unfortunately your Sony Xperia was not waterproof in the beginning, rather water resistant. If you double check the small print you will see some very cleaver wording expelling any responsibility from Sony in the event your device gets liquid damage. The water protective feature is made of just a thin rubber strip inside the device that prevents the water or moisture from seeping in. This feature is great for the odd bit of rain water or slight splash but certainly not for going scuba diving with. Prior or post repair, we always recommend not to expose your device to any kind of liquid regardless of the advertising and promotion claims from the manufacturer.

  • What If my touch feature doesn’t work?

    With most Sony Xperia screen damage the touch responsiveness is affected and is most often completely unresponsive. This is totally normal and in fact more common than not. In this instance, we will only be able to test the device once the new screen had been attached. In the event that there is another fault and the device can’t be fixed, you will not be charged for the service.

  • How do you test the phone is working ok?

    Prior to every repair, we test each functionality of the device to ensure there are no other pre-exiting issues. Assuming the device still works ok, this can be done by using a code typed directly into the phone keypad *#*#&&#*#*#&#*

    This will enable us to fully test the following:

  • How is the Xperia screen replaced?

    With all Sony Xperia models the screen is glued down to the frame of the device. this glue needs to me heated at just the right temperature to remove the glass. After the new part in installed and tested, new special adhesive tape is installed and the screen is put through a clamping process or 2-3 hours to ensure the adhesive bonds to the surface. The adhesive we use for this particular repair has been designed specifically for this job, many companies just use superglue, this is a disaster as when the glue hardens it can misshape causing uneven surfaces for the glass to sit on making it much more prone to breaking. the service inside the frame has to be 100% flat for the repair to be a success, any device that have additional damage to the frame or housing may have issues replacing the screen.

  • My Nexus is stuck on a boot loop

    This issue is very common with this brand of phone. The Nexus 5X has a well know manufacture defect within the industry and seems to be caused by the design of the new, slimmer frame causing an issue with the motherboard. With the Nexus 5, the on/off switch or power button gets jammed prompting the OS to jump into loop mode. The Nexus 5X models that have this fault were recalled and the issue can’t be fixed. The only service we can offer is data recovery services.

  • My Sony screen is broken

    Sony Xperia Screen Repairs

    If your Sony has taken a tumble and the screen is damaged we can replace the LCD and/or the front glass restoring it’s function back to normal. Due to the clamping process required for this repair, the service normally takes about 3-4 hours to complete. Find more details about Sony Xperia Z Screen Repair and Replacement pricing.

  • My Sony has charging & power issues

    Sony Xperia Charging Fault

    The micro USB connection maybe damaged, your battery may need replacing or you may just need to buy a new charger. If you have a problem with any power related issue contact a member of our team today.

  • Can you recovery my data?

    Recover lost data from your Sony Xperia

    Most Sony Xperia Data Recovery Services are required due to software related issues, downloading 3rd party applications and errors installing Sony updates are some of the reasons you may have lost your valuable data.

  • No one can hear me

    Sony Xperia Microphone Replacement

    As we are only able to replace the microphone on certain Sony Xperia models, it’s always best to call us first to confirm a price and turnaround time for your particular model.

  • You Can’t Hear Anyone?

    Sony Xperia Earpiece Replacement

    Unfortunately, for most Sony Xperia models the earpiece internal component is complex and extremely problematic to repair or replace. In most cases, your device may just need a chemical clean to resolve the sound issue. We can offer free assessments for any repair and if the issue can’t be fixed you will not be charged for the service.

  • The sound has gone?

    Sony Xperia Audio Repairs

    If you are having issues with your Headphone Jack, Earpiece or Microphone contact a member of our team to discuss your options. The Sony Xperia is designed and manufactured differently from most common mobile phones. Not all internal faults can be fixed and there maybe a more cost effective solution available for you.


  • My Sony got liquid damaged?

    Sony Xperia Liquid Damage Services

    With any liquid damaged device, if you can still use it, make sure to do a backup sooner rather than later. If you do not have access to your data we also offer recovery services. There are a few options available for you if your device gets wet, contact us for more advise about liquid damage repairs.

  • My Sony has a software fault?

    Sony Xperia Software Services

    If your stuck on the Sony logo, won’t boot up or you can see strange coding on the screen we can reinstall your operating system or firmware and get you back up and running as normal.

  • My Sony won’t connect to my Network

    Sony Xperia Network Error

    If you can’t connect to your network or it’s not reading the sim card there could be an issue with your antenna, sim reader, sim holder component or it may be locked to another carrier. For this type of repair it’s always best to bring the device in to be tested so we can diagnose the fault. All assessments and quotations for repair are free.

  • My Sony’s frame is bent?

    When your device gets damaged the frame can also be affected. On the Sony Xperia models this poses a particular problem. As the screen is essentially glued down to the frame it’s of significant importance for the frame to be as flat as possible. A distorted housing may result in uneven pressure on the motherboard. Even after a successful repair the device may experience further complications. Replacing the frame is a service we can offer but the repair is very expensive, complex and there may be alternative options for you.

  • Can you replace my back glass?

    The rear glass for the Sony Xperia can normally be replaced within 1-2 hours. Red, green, black, white, silver or gold, whatever your preference, we have the colour.

    Back Glass Replacement$60 - $801-2 Hours

    Find out more about Sony Xperia rear glass replacement services in Sydney.

  • Sony Xperia Charging Port

    The Sony Xperia Charging connector is not an easy fix. The part has to be removed and reinstalled using heat and pressure. Around the connector are many microscopic fragile components that can get damaged during removal. Although the risk is relatively small there is always a change with this service the phone can be damaged and determined as beyond economic repair.

    The price to replace the connector for all Sony Xperia Z Models is $180.00.

  • Can you repair Sony models from overseas?

    Some of our suppliers stock the parts required to repair Sony models from other countries. Please contact us with your model number to confirm if the required part is available. If you are unsure of your model you can find out by checking the packaging the phone came with, in the settings or provide us the IMEI number of the device and we can identify the model for you.

  • How do I identify my Samsung model?

    This might sound like a stupid question, but as there are so many models released each year that are very similar, it can be hard to keep track sometimes. YOu can check the exact model by a few different methods depending on your model.

    Under the battery

    For older models, you can remove the back panel and under the battery there will be white stick that will have all the device details printed on including the model.

    In the settings

    If the information sticker is missing or has faded over time, you can check for the model in the device settings, assuming it still works of course.

    Printed on the back

    Alternatively, for newer devices the model information is printed directly on the back panel or glass.

    On the box

    If you still have the original packaging, all the information you need about the device will also be printed somewhere on the box.

    Still unsure?

    If you have tried all the method above and are still no closer to knowing your model, contact us and provide your IMEI number, with this we can find the model. You can get access to the IMEI from pressing #*06# on the keypad or in the settings.

  • Will repairing my iPhone affect my Apple warranty?

    If your iPhone has been damaged, your Apple warranty is automatically voided. Manufacture warranty will cover your for faults. Not damage. If you book an appointment at an Apple genius bar, they will assess the damage and you will be charged accordingly. Authorised Apple screen replacements range from $200 to $450 and for any additional damage, prices are between $300 and $600. If you have Apple Care, screen repair prices for all models is $45 and for additional damage $149. If you are interested in an alternative more time and cost effective insurance options, read more about Fone Fix breakage insurance.

    Turnaround times and bookings by Apple can vary from a few hours up to a week and any information stored on the device will automatically be erased. If you choose to go down the Apple route but need data recovered from the phone, please refer to our iPhone data recovery services.

  • How can I check my iPhone Model?

    If you are unsure of what model of iPhone you have there are a few ways you can check.

    • Written on the back – On some models you can find the model, serial and IMEI number printed on the back of the device itself.
    • In the phone – If you can still operate the device, you can go to Settings > General > About.


    Generally each iPhone model will start with the letter A, for example,

    • The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 comes in 3 model numbers, which are iPhone A1549 (GSM), A1549 (CDMA) and A1586
    • The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has 3 model numbers, which are A1522 (GSM), A1522 (CDMA) and A1524. Basically, the A1522 (GSM) bands are the same as iPhone A1549 (GSM), A1522 (CDMA)’s bands are the same as A1549 (CDMA), A1593 is the same as A1589 and A1524 is corresponding to the A1586.


  • What If I Can’t Remember My Apple I-Tunes ID?

    This can be a huge problem. Your Apple ID is there to protect your data, even Apple can’t get access to it. If you have set up iCloud on your phone or have ever purchased an iTunes app, then whenever you restart, update, reset or remove the battery you will most likely be prompted to insert the Apple ID and passcode. If you have forgotten it, you can follow some simple recovery processes to get it back. If you have already tried this with no luck or the account was not set up in your name, even after a successful repair or service it will not be possible to activate the device, there is no solution to solve this issue and you must always take care to remember your ID, have access to your recovery method or ensure that any device your purchase has has the iCloud/find my iPhone feature switched off.

  • Will Repairing My iPhone Lose The Data?

    It’s important that prior to any hardware or software repair for any model including the iPhone, if possible, to do a full backup of any data. The chances of you losing the data from a repair is slim to none, however, mobile phones are complex electronic devices and no one can guarantee for 100% that data won’t be lost in the repair process. The extent of damage can’t truly be known until the device has been opened as there maybe additional complications inside the user and the technician were initially unaware of. If you are unable to secure the data, maybe your device is too badly damaged or it won’t switch on, in any case, for the majority of the time any information stored on the device will remain intact. If your device can’t be repaired then data recovery services are also available if required.

  • What if my display is also damaged?

    For all iPhone models the LCD Display, the front glass and the touch module mechanism come attached as one complete unit. The fully assembled part is then installed into the frame and should restore any display or visibility issues. In some cases the screen maybe completely hanging off, attached only by the cables. For others it maybe shattered but still functional. Regardless of how severe the damage seems, after replacing the screen most devices come straight back to life.

  • Do you use original Apple Screens?

    This is a question ourselves and other repair stores get asked every day. Unfortunately, most do not reply with the honest answer. The truth is, only Apple can offer you “Original” parts. Apple do not sell or supply parts to 3rd parties. Why would they? If your device breaks, Apple and any other manufacturer obviously wants you to go back to them in order to potentially up-sell additional products and services or try and get you to upgrade to a newer model. Manufacturer swap programs are ideal in the event your device can’t be fixed. However, for common repairs there are more time and cost effective solutions available to you. Pricing for repairs are based on the quality of the part being installed, not if it’s original or came from Apple. Fone Fix only uses high-grade parts that have been rigorously tested prior and post repair. In addition, in the unlikely event you were to experience any issues, all repairs come with 6 months warranty. If you have any additional questions about “genuine” and “non-genuine” Apple repairs e ould recommend to contact Apple directly to confirm any “authorised” repairs.

  • What if I break my screen again?

    The trick here is to try and prevent the screen from breaking again or insuring the screen to give you that peace of mind. It’s no secret that most modern smartphones are easy to break. The only real way of managing this problem is to make sure you have the best protection available or have a plan that will cover the screen costs in the event it gets damaged. If you have your screen fixed and break it again, your 6 month warranty will be voided. We always recommend to buy a good case, screen protector and consider taking out Fone Fix breakage cover after every repair.

  • What do Apple charge for Screen Repairs?

    Our prices are very competitive with Apple but our turnaround time is much faster and there is no need to book an appointment at the “genius bar”. For most iPhone repairs, we are the more cost effective solution. However, if your device is damaged beyond repair and can’t be fixed, assuming you don’t need the data, taking your phone directly to Apple for a swap is certainly your best option. In addition, it would be very rare for Apple to replace anything other than the screen. If there are signs of additional damage to the frame or any other components, they will not service the device. Most importantly, in almost every circumstance you will lose any data stored on the phone.

  • What if the corners are bent?

    The edges of the iPad frame can easily get misshapen and warped after impact. We can perform techniques with specialised tools to reshape the edges at no extra cost.

  • Nokia Lumia Screen Damage

    There are probably more Lumia models than any other brand of phone. Why Nokia decided to release such a vast range is unknown. Fortunately, we are able to replace the screen for most Nokia models.

  • Power and Battery issues

    If your Lumia has difficulty charging, randomly shuts down or won’t start at all, we can offer a range of services that can resolve the issues. Simply replacing the Nokia Lumia battery is normally the route of the cause and can be installed by our expert Lumia technicians.

  • Nokia Lumia Data Recovery

    Nokia Lumia Mobile Phone Data Recovery Services available at any Fone Fix branch. Recover your lost contacts, vanished photos or accidentally deleted data.

  • Software Malfunction

    Windows and Android devices are more prone to software errors and malware attack than its iOS rival. This is no different with the Nokia Lumia Range. If you have been subject to any kind of Nokia software or operating system error, in almost all cases we can get the device up and running again as new.

  • How can I check my Nokia model?

    If your device is still powering on and functional,

    • Dial this code: *#0000#

    If your device does not turn on,

    • Check to see if it’s printed on the phone, normally on the back.
    • On the original packaging or receipt.
  • How do I know what LG model I have?

    The model and serial number can be found in the following location:

    If your phone has a removable battery you can find the details on a white sticker underneath. If your phone is an android without a removable battery you can find the information in your settings or on the paperwork and packaging that came with the device.





  • iPhone Screen Replacement Services
  • Samsung Screen Replacement Services
  • Other Screen Replacement Services
  • Battery Repair Services
  • I need to Unlock my Sony

    Unlock Sony Xperia models for most phone carriers world-wide. Local or offshore, if your Sony is restricted to a particular network we can perform remote unlocking to accept any sim card.

  • My Nexus won’t charge up

    If you are having power issues, Fone Fix can offer Charging Connector Replacement Services in addition Nexus Battery Replacements.

  • My Nexus needs Unlocking

    We can unlock Nexus mobiles from almost any carrier or network in Australia or from overseas. Free your mobile to accept any provider keeping you connected wherever you are.

  • My power button is stuck

    Unfortunately power button issues for this model are common, if your button is not responding or your device thinks your trying to operate software commands, we can provide Nexus Power Button Replacement Services that can resolve the issue.

  • I need to recover the data form my Nexus

    There are many reasons you may need to extract the information stored inside your phone. Nexus Mobile Phone Data Recovery Services are available at any Fone Fix store.

  • LG Data Recovery

    Offering a high success rate for all LG Mobile Phone Data Recovery Services. Regardless of the damage or condition of your LG in almost any circumstance we can successfully recover your lost info.

  • LG Unlocking

    Remove sim restriction for your LG mobile. Unlocking LG phones has never been easier with Fone Fix. Bring your phone in to any store and unlock the device to accept any sim across teh globe.

  • Network Unlocking Services

    Unlock Nokia Lumia mobiles locally and devices from across the seas. After successfully unlocking, you will be able to insert any active sim card from your choice of carrier.

  • What if i can’t find my model or fault?

    If you are unable to find the service you are looking for, don’t worry. Some rare models of phones we don’t display on our website. Whatever the service you need, please contact a member of our team for more information. We can provide free repair quotations for all mobile phone models.

  • Mobile Phone Repair Brands
  • Can you repair LG models purchased outside Australia?

    LG are not all the same even though they look very similar. For example Korean and Japanese models have antennas with dual sim card capabilities and the parts are not compatible in Australia. We will always try our best to source the parts required to repair your device from any country. If your phone is from overseas please call us to confirm your exact model.

  • LG Battery Repairs

    For most LG models the battery can easily be replaced by removing the back panel. However, some models require our technician to fully open the phone and can take between 10 minutes and 1 hour to replace. More information about LG battery replacement services.

  • LG Screen Repairs

    If your LG is a G-Series or a Nexus model we can replace both types of screen. Follow the navigation blow for more information about your model.


  • Do you use original Apple iPhone 6 parts?

    Many of us ring around for quotes before proceeding with a repair or service. Unfortunately most repair companies will give you a dishonest reply. One of the most common questions we get is “do you use original Apple parts?” the honest answer is, no one outside of Apple can. Apple DO NOT sell parts to any third parties for repair. So if you get given quotes based on “original” or “non original” it’s a lie. There are very few, if any, authorised Apple repair services available in Sydney outside of going to Apple directly. If you have been quoted for “genuine” Apple parts by any mobile phone repair shop this is actually against the law, selling you a product under false pretenses and breaching Apple’s trademark is a criminal offence. Do not trust companies who promote their services in this way and if you are still unsure, you can check your nearest authorised Apple dealer by contacting apple directly. All Parts used by Fone Fix are of the highest quality and are carefully tested by our expert technicians before and after installation. In the unlikely event you experience an issue after repair you are covered under Fone Fix’s 6 months warranty.

  • LG Battery
    LG Battery RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    LG G3$4510 minutes
    LG G4$4510 minutes
    LG G5$7010 minutes
    LG G6Coming SoonComing Soon

    LG devices can often get stuck on a boot loop. In most cases replacing the battery will resolve this issue.

  • What is a Fidget Spinner?

    A fidget spinner is a type of stress-relieving toy. A basic fidget spinner consists of a bearing in the center of a design made from any of a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic. The toy has been advertised as helping people who have trouble focusing or fidgeting (such as those with ADHD, autism, or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or stress. Experts were divided on this claim, with some supporting it while others refuted its scientific basis and argued the toy may actually be more distracting.

    Although they were invented in the 1990s, fidget spinners became a popular toy in 2017. Often marketed with health benefits, the toy began being used by school children, resulting in some schools banning the spinners, arguing that the toy became a distraction in classrooms. Other schools are allowing the toy to be used discreetly by children in order to help them concentrate.

  • Nexus Battery
    Nexus Battery RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    Nexus 4$8030 mins
    Nexus 5$8030 mins
    Nexus 5x$8030 mins
    Nexus 6N/AN/A
  • LG Charging Port
    LG G2$9030 mins

    We can only replace the charging connector for the LG G2 model. Reason being, the LG G3, G4, G5, G6 connectors are all soldered directly onto the motherboard and is not a part that can just easily be replaced. Any main board work is expensive and problematic, we would really only even advise this type of service for data recovery.

  • Nexus Charging Port
    Nexus 4$10030 mins
    Nexus 5$10030 mins
    Nexus 5xNANA
    Nexus 6NNA
  • OnePlus Battery
    OnePlus Battery RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    OnePlus 2N/AN/A
    OnePlus 3$1001-2 hours
    OnePlus 5$1101-2 hours
    OnePlus 6Coming SoonComing Soon
  • OnePlus Charging Port
    OnePlus One$1101 hour
    OnePlus 2N/AN/A
    OnePlus 3$1502 hours
  • All OnePlus Repair Servcies

    There are many services we offer other than screen replacements. Please select your fault from the following list for more information about the repair, pricing and turnaround times.



  • My Samsung Battery needs replacing

    Most power issues with mobile phones are caused do to some kind of battery failure. In almost all circumstances a new Samsung Battery installation will resolve the issue.

  • Sony Back Glass Repair
    Sony Back Glass RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    All Sony Xperia Models$601-2 hours

    Sony Xperia Back Glass Repair

    All Sony Xperia Back Glass replacement services undergo the same process across all models. Back panel repairs for all models including the XZ2, XZ Premium & X Performance.

  • Samsung Back Glass Repair
    Samsung Back Glass RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    Galaxy S6/S6 Edge$801-2 hours
    Galaxy S7/S7 Edge$801-2 hours
    Galaxy S8/S8 Plus$801-2 hours
    Galaxy S9$1101 -2 hours
    Galaxy S9 Plus$1201-2 hours

    For any broken Samsung Galaxy Back Glass we can provide repair and replacement services within 2 hours upon arrival at our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction store.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9 Plus Broken Back Glass Replacement

    The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is a remarkably beautiful device. If you have not yet seen or held one, it looks and feels unlike any other phone on the market. It’s as if it was sculpted by a strange smooth alien material foreign to this planet. However the harsh reality is, that it’s simply made from glass. And glass breaks. With it’s new super sleek and slippery design we can also offer the latest in protective accessories so you don’t break your back glass again.

  • iPhone Back Glass Repair
    iPhone Back Glass RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
    iPhone X$4006-24 hours
    iPhone 8$2506-24 hours
    iPhone 8 Plus$2506-24 hours

    Further details about iPhone back glass repair services.

  • Apple iPhone Repair News

    Date: 3rd May 2018

    Apple Customers Being Charged Up to 10 times What Was Promised For The Battery Repair


    “OUTRAGED Apple customers are accusing the company of ripping them off over its promise to replace iPhone batteries in slowed-down devices. The tech giant admitted it had been throttling older iPhones late last year, reducing their speed to keep their power ticking for longer.
    To make up for the sneaky move, Apple slashed the price of battery replacements until December last year, but angry customers in the UK have told BBC’s Watchdogprogram the firm hasn’t been making good on its offer. Instead, they’ve been lumped with costs as much as ten times what the company promised.”

    Fone Fix Conclusion

    It seems a customer had a dent on the housing of the device that resulted in the service for the battery replacement being refused. Without the (full) story it’s hard to say who is right or wrong. Yes, Apple seems to be admitting to causing issues to the batteries on some models. However, If the “dent” in question was causing enough pressure on the battery to compromise the structure,  We can’t see why a case for “physical damage” is being ruled out. Fone Fix has replaced thousands of iPhone batteries. We find that in most cases, cheap charging accessories or overcharging the devices is the main culprits of battery faults. However, it’s still a shame when news like this comes out. If your a custom to using the iPhone Operating System. It’s very difficult to change. So basically were still stuck using devices we like, for a company we don’t. Great!


  • iPhone Screen News

    Stop Looking At Your Screen!

    Smartphone use is getting out of control, to the point where some people spend every extra moment they have checking the apps on their device.
    iOS 12 will give iPhone users a set of tools to help manage their digital addictions, as we’ve all become increasingly aware that we spend too much time looking at the screens we carry in our pockets. One of those tools is Screen Time, which should prove useful not only for individual users but also parents who want to better manage their children’s smartphone usage.

    What is Screen Time?

    Screen Time is Apple’s first step in helping users better understand how much time they spend with their phones, as well as cut back on that time if it’s excessive. Not only does screen time present charts explaining how much you use your iPhone or iPad, but it also allows you to set limits for your app usage.

    It’s also got the solid parental controls for kid usage that iOS has long needed.

    Where is Screen Time? I can’t find that app.

    Instead of making a standalone application for Screen Time, Apple placed these tools inside of the Settings app. It’s in the second set of settings, below Notifications, Sounds & Haptics and Do Not Disturb.

    How does Screen Time explain usage data?

    Screen Time starts with a chart detailing your device’s usage over the last day. It breaks the time spent in apps across broad, generalized categories, such as Social Networking, Entertainment and Games.

    Tapping on that chart presents a chart that shows that same categorized usage, broken down by time of day. You can view this data by the current day, or by the last week.

    For that period, Screen Time lists the length of your longest session of use, and how much time you spent on your phone during Downtime, the user-defined stretch of time when you’re not supposed to be glued to your device.Below that, you’ll find a list of your most-used apps, and the app breaks that information down to the sites you spend the most time on, if you spend that much time browsing a specific site. Tap the hourglass icon next to one of these apps to set up an app limit.

    Next, you see a 24-hour chart detailing the amount of times you picked up your phone (and interacted with it), by the hour. Under that, you see the amount of notifications, again presented by-hour.

  • Samsung Galaxy Repair News

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Outsold All Other Phones In April 2018

    June 9, 2018 – Written By Dominik Bosnjak

    Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus was the best-selling smartphone this April, according to the latest edition of Counterpoint Research’s Market Pulse report. The Android flagship accounted for 2.6-percent of global sales over the 30-day period, with its smaller counterpart — the Galaxy S9 — achieving the same overall percentage but placing second. The next three spots were taken by Apple’s 2017 iOS devices, with the iPhone X now being dethroned by Samsung’s latest high-end offerings and Counterpoint Research attributing that development to seasonality. Xiaomi Redmi 5A, Redmi 5 Plus (Note Plus), and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 also made the top ten list, together with Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

    While Samsung remains the largest smartphone company in the world by both shipments and sales, Apple is still dominating in the flagship segment, as evidenced by numerous reports, including the latest study from Counterpoint Research, with half of its top spots being taken by iPhone models. Samsung’s ultra-premium smartphones traditionally lose steam in their second year of commercial availability but the Galaxy S8 series is now defying that historic trend as Samsung opted to enrol the lineup in a number of aggressive promotions, particularly in India where it’s presently fighting off Xiaomi that’s aiming for its number one spot in the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market. Some industry trackers — Counterpoint Research included — believe Xiaomi already overtook Samsung in the South Asian country, though Gartner and a number of others disagree.

    Another significant trend observable on the chart seen below is that the list of the world’s top ten best-selling smartphones in April doesn’t feature a single mid-range device, with all of them being either flagships or entry-level offerings. The phenomenon can be explained by the ultra-competitive state of that price bracket, particularly in developing countries where smartphone adoption rates are now outpacing those in developed markets which are already experiencing signs of device upgrade fatigue and overall saturation.

  • Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair News

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Set To Be The Best We Have Ever Seen

    The Samsung’s Galaxy S10  is expected to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2019. If you’re a Samsung fan in search of excitement, think of 2018 as a gap year because excitement is seemingly set to return next year.

    Just yesterday we finally saw the rumour we had all been waiting for. According to a report from a solid source, Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ smartphones will feature optical fingerprint sensors that are integrated into their displays. That’s right, no more annoying fingerprint sensor on the backs of the phones. Samsung has reportedly been trying to work out manufacturing issues that had prevented it from using fingerprint on display (FOD) technology in its earlier smartphones, and the company has apparently managed to overcome any barriers.

    Keeping the focus on the Galaxy S10’s display, a new rumour has emerged from another source with a very good track record. Twitter and Weibo leaker Ice universe often reveals unannounced plans surrounding smartphones from Samsung and Apple, and he just offered up another juicy piece of info on next year’s Galaxy S10. According to information he received, the Galaxy S10 will feature the highest-resolution display we’ve ever seen on a Samsung smartphone.

    Now, it’s possible this means the Galaxy S10 will feature the same overall display resolution as the Galaxy S9, but it’ll pack all of those pixels into a smaller screen size. The current-generation Galaxy S9 features WQHD+ resolution and a pixel density of 570 ppi. The same 2960×1440 pixels could be squeezed into a slightly smaller screen to bump the pixel density over 600 ppi. Alternatively, the Galaxy S10 could feature the same sized screen or a larger display that bumps the resolution up to 4K, but that would push the phone’s pixel density way past 600 ppi.


  • Why Choose Google?

    Why Google Pixel Over Other Androids?

    The Google Pixel remains our favourite phone, bar none. Unless you want a bigger screen, in which case we’d recommend its big brother, the Pixel XL.

    The Pixel strikes a terrific balance between speed and beauty, ergonomics and straight-up usability. It’s the purest vehicle for Android Nougat 7.0, Google’s mobile operating system. It’s a relatively quick-charger. And it offers the most seamless integration with Google’s Daydream View VR headset (though the list of compatible phones continues to grow).

    Of course, the Pixel isn’t perfect; the rear panel’s glass treatment may be an aesthetic misfire for some, and it’s vulnerable to cracking. It’s also not as water-resistant as others, and though its camera is superb, the iPhone 7 Plus delivers superior video quality in portrait mode (read more about how the two stack up). Still, these are mostly minor quibbles; if you’re looking for an alternative to the latest model iPhones, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are worth a serious look.

    Looking ahead, Google hasn’t officially stated anything yet about the future of the Pixel line, but there are rumours swirling about innovative AR and VR developments and, possibly, a foldable display. But with the next Pixel not expected before October 2017 (a year after the original debuted), Android fans may be tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is rumoured to be hitting in March or April.

    With the Pixel, Google stepped up to bat, called its shot, and knocked it out of the park. If there was any lingering doubt about Google’s capacity to step out on its own, it’s gone. Sure, HTC may have put the phones together, but Google designed, engineered, and branded them. And the timing couldn’t be more fortunate with Samsung still emerging from the hangover of a very difficult 2016.

    The Pixel is fast, with an elevated, smooth design. Heavy investments in its camera resulted in a nimble shooter too. Though its special portrait mode is poor, it otherwise takes amazing shots that rival those of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge may still be the most visually striking phone on the market. But, if you’re wary of Samsung phones, the Pixel — a strong contender for the best premium Android phone — makes a terrific alternative.

    Why the Pixel is one of the best Android phones right now

    So what’s so great about the Pixel? Aside from the premium hardware, like the camera and processor, it packs new software features that are handy to use day-to-day. Read on to find out more.

    The camera is not bad at all

    As you can tell from its name, Google makes a big deal about the Pixel’s camera, and it is superb. It takes even better shots than the already stellar iPhone 7 Plus, which I consider to be the reigning champion of camera phones. If you want the full scoop on how these two compare, check out CNET’s feature, Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Which camera is better?

    The camera is fast, images are in focus, and colors look vibrant. Close-up shots appear especially sharp and refined. Landscape scenes retain an impressive amount of detail and depth, even with objects that are far away.

    Photos taken in dim lighting understandably weren’t as sharp and had more digital artefacts. But the camera did a good job at capturing available light and brightening up scenes. The flash made skin tones look natural as well, and if it hadn’t been for a few reflections in eyes, it would’ve been hard to tell in the photos that it was even used.

    The front-facing camera is excellent, too. It has a wide enough lens to fit a lot of content (read: faces) in each frame, and it softened skin tones enough to look appealing without appearing too airbrushed. To see the images I captured, check out the slideshow below.

    The camera can shoot 4K video, and though it doesn’t have optical image stabilisation, it uses a combination of the gyroscope and software to steady your videos all the same. This feature works well, and it’s useful when you’re moving while recording footage. But it does give your videos a sort of surreal, almost drone-like quality.

    You can organise your day with Google Assistant

    The Pixel is deeply integrated with Google’s search services, and it’s the first hardware device to have Google Assistant baked in. Assistant is an AI bot that uses machine learning and Google’s vast search database to answer all kinds of questions you throw its way. It can schedule reminders, look up facts and places to eat, set alarms, give directions, translate phrases and more. And the more you use it, the more it’s supposed to learn about you and become more personalized.

    Unlike Google Now (the company’s previous iteration of a digital assistant), Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana, Assistant is genuinely conversational. You can use your voice to speak to it in a natural, back-and-forth way, and it has a chat-like interface. After every interaction, there are suggested follow-up queries you can tap on to keep the conversation going.

    Like with most voice assistants, you forget that they’re there. But when you do remember, Assistant can be useful. It doesn’t hear every question correctly every time, but when it does, it works relatively quickly. Compared to Siri, which sort of checks out after it finishes each task, Assistant builds upon my previous queries, so it made me interact with it longer.

    The Android Nougat

    • The device runs a pure version of Android 7.1 Nougat. It’s the first to have Google’s messaging service Allo and its video calling app Duo preloaded (you can uninstall them if you want).
    • Launcher shortcuts, aka Google’s take on Apple’s 3D Touch, lets you long-press on some apps to call up additional menu options.
    • You can send GIFs inside Google Keyboard, for all your GIF-fy delights.
    • To reduce eye strain from viewing a bright, bluish display at night, there’s a Night Light setting that tints the screen yellow. (Other Android phones and the iPhone already do this.)
    • On the back is a fingerprint reader for added user security and services such as Android Pay. It works quickly, and as a bonus you can use it to slide down notifications on the screen.

    It looks good and feels awesome

    The Pixel and Pixel XL are nearly identical, but the latter has a bigger, sharper display and a bumped-up battery. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same. Both are polished and well crafted, and their sleek, one-piece aluminium design make them more elegant than previous Nexus devices.

  • All The Latest Google Pixel News – Repairs & Releases

    The Google Pixel 3 Is Coming

    Pixel 3 coming soon in October 2018?

    Google introduced the original Pixel and its super-size sibling, the Pixel XL on October 4, 2016. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL debuted exactly one year later. We have every reason to believe that the company will remain faithful to this schedule, introducing the next phone in October. Android P gives us a hint about the upcoming Pixel 3.

    The first phone with Android P

    The next version of Google’s Android OS is all about gesture navigation, and it would be natural for Google to debut it on its upcoming flagship. Google already showed off two beta versions of Android P — we don’t know what the P stands for yet — since its I/O conference in May.

    Because the iPhone X also has a new gesture-based navigation, Google executives insist that they’ve been working on their new interface for more than a year, and that they are driven by a desire to reduce the number of physical buttons on Android phones.

    Google could give the Pixel 3 a notch

    This one requires a little triangulation. We already know that Android P will support phones with notches. And, as previously mentioned, we’re assuming that Google will debut Android P on the Pixel 3. As such, the rumor about a notched Pixel 3 is entirely plausible.

    And while Google may deny that it’s following any other company with its gesture-based navigation, it’s irrefutable that Apple has brought notch design into the mainstream, even though the Essential Phone was the first to actually ship it.

    Pixel 3 XL may have two front-facing cameras, new display

    In addition to the notch, Bloomberg posited that the Pixel 3 XL will have an edge-to-edge display and two front-facing cameras. The smaller Pixel 3, however, will have neither of these things.

    The German news site WinFuture, which has a pretty reliable record with tech rumors, also reported that Google will partner with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn (the same company that makes iPhones) to build “new display hardware.”

    It might look pretty similar to the Pixel 2

    According to the first batch of allegedly leaked Pixel 3 images (because we’re sure there will be more), the Pixel 3 may not look too different than its predecessor. Again, these photos weren’t independently verified, but the images show a phone with a speaker grilled embedded in the bottom bezel, one rear-camera and the Pixel’s signature glass shade.

    There could be a premium Pixel phone to battle 2018 iPhones…

    Tech blog Droid Life reported that Google has three new Pixel phones in the pipeline for 2018. This trio could include a mysterious higher-end version — perhaps intended to compete with the $999 iPhone X — in addition to the standard and XL models. As a reminder, the 64GB Pixel 2 starts at $649 (£629 or AU$1,079) and the Pixel 2 XL starts at $849 (£799 or AU$1,399).

    That noted, frequent tipster Evan Blass tweeted that, according to a “reliable source,” Google will deliver a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL — as well as the next generation of Pixel Buds and a Pixel-branded watch. If he’s right, we’re back to looking at two phones, not three. The Pixel 3 XL might have to take on 2018’s iPhones on its own.

    Or a super-cheap Pixel phone?

    Google is said to be developing an inexpensive “midrange” Pixel for emerging markets that could debut this summer, according to Economic Times.

    It’s not clear whether Google would bring this budget model to the US; the timing doesn’t sync up with the Pixel’s usual October debut. But such a phone would certainly make an interesting foil to Apple’s rumored iPhone SE 2, which we could see in September, when iPhones usually launch.

  • What Does Phone Insurance Cover You For?

    You have a few options when it comes to insuring your phone. Most of them are provided to us by networks. Telco companies will try and get you to take up their insurance at the time of (sign up). However, in our experience most people don’t actually know what they are signing up for. While most plans include cover for loss and accidental damage almost all of them charge you ongoing monthly costs and expensive excess fees. This type of cover is perfect for people ho are prone to loosing there possessions. However the reality is, most of us in general, simply don’t loose things that are extremely valuable to us.

    In addition, with iCloud storage solutions available in the extremely rare event I loose my phone, the most import thing is that my data will be safe.

    The truth is, in almost all cases. The screen is the most likely thing to break and is worth insuring. Screen damage amounts to almost 90% of all repairs to phones.

    If you are still unsure, answer these questions:

    How many times have you actually lost your phone?

    If you your answer is “many” then the types of insurance offered by networks might be the best option for you. Just make sure the plan covered you in the event you loose the phone.

    How many times have you found a phone?

    You don’t just find phones lying around. As previously mentioned, it’s vary rare for someone to loose there mobile. I think in my entire life I have only found 1 phone and that as an old banger that a probably “lost” on purpose. Furthermore most new phones no have tracking software installed like “find my iPhone”. After about 30 seconds most of us would know if your phone was missing. It can be easily tracked and messages can be sent to the device alerting anybody who found it.

    How many times have you had your phone stolen?

    Now the answer to this question could vary when comparing the “smartphone” to “dumbphone” era. Old devices that didn’t connect to the internet ere stolen frequently and could easily be sold and used again with another sim. Those day are over. With fingerprint readers, facial recognition, IP tracking, find my iPhone and all kinds of encryption software. The market for stolen phones has almost completely vanished.

    How many times have you broken your screen?

    At some stage most of us can admit to breaking the front glass or LCD display. It’s almost unavoidable now with phones being manufactured with extra large glass screens that are prone to damage. Even with the latest technology in breakage prevention people still find way. Almost 90% of all repairs Fone Fix services are for a broken displays. If you lucky enough to have never broken the screen. How many broken ones do you see on a daily basis? If you catch the train to work just look around, the entire carriage will have their head buried into there phones and you will see that over half of them are smashed.


    Insurance that charges you monthly and has excess fess are good if you are the type of individual ho looses everything. However, If you are like the rest of us. There maybe a much more cost effective solution available for you with nom monthly cost and absolutely no excess fees in the even of damage.




  • Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair News

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Set To Be The Best We Have Ever Seen

    The Samsung’s Galaxy S10  is expected to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2019. If you’re a Samsung fan in search of excitement, think of 2018 as a gap year because excitement is seemingly set to return next year. Just yesterday we finally saw the rumour we had all been waiting for. According to a report from a solid source, Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ smartphones will feature optical fingerprint sensors that are integrated into their displays. That’s right, no more annoying fingerprint sensor on the backs of the phones. Samsung has reportedly been trying to work out manufacturing issues that had prevented it from using fingerprint on display (FOD) technology in its earlier smartphones, and the company has apparently managed to overcome any barriers. Keeping the focus on the Galaxy S10’s display, a new rumour has emerged from another source with a very good track record. Twitter and Weibo leaker Ice universe often reveals unannounced plans surrounding smartphones from Samsung and Apple, and he just offered up another juicy piece of info on next year’s Galaxy S10. According to information he received, the Galaxy S10 will feature the highest-resolution display we’ve ever seen on a Samsung smartphone. Now, it’s possible this means the Galaxy S10 will feature the same overall display resolution as the Galaxy S9, but it’ll pack all of those pixels into a smaller screen size. The current-generation Galaxy S9 features WQHD+ resolution and a pixel density of 570 ppi. The same 2960×1440 pixels could be squeezed into a slightly smaller screen to bump the pixel density over 600 ppi. Alternatively, the Galaxy S10 could feature the same sized screen or a larger display that bumps the resolution up to 4K, but that would push the phone’s pixel density way past 600 ppi.  

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